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Colonic Irrigation

Colonics are undoubtedly a very effective form of detox, relaxation and establishes a body-mind-spirit connection.

Ear Irrigation

Are you experiencing ear pain or discomfort? We are here to help with our in-clinic or at home ear wax removal services.

Weight Loss

Weight loss in a box. A guaranteed no quibble weight or inch loss guaranteed product ready to work for you.

Kent Detox Studio

The No.1 Colonic Centre in Kent

We celebrate being the No.1 Colonic Centre in Kent. We have recently relocated to Sittingbourne where we have helped over 8500 people achieve their health and weightloss goals through colonic irrigation, allergy testing and detox packages. Our studio is a purpose built clinic in a private setting to provide our clients with a discreet and personal service. We operate an appointment only clinic where you will have the full attention of your therapist in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

We pride ourselves in our level of customer care and nurture the friendships that form as a result of our passion which is to help and heal.

We are happy to discuss your colon hydrotherapy, detox, weight loss & allergy testing over the phone. To find out if our treatments are suitable for you please contact us now.

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Talita Wigg
Director of Kent Detox Studio
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About me

Talita Wigg

Talita is a passionate teacher, integrative colon hydrotherapist and an engaging health consultant.

She deals with each client as a whole. Her priorities are to understand each client’s needs and expectations, to treat the person as an individual and to ensure they leave Kent Detox Clinic empowered, cleansed, educated and in control of the choices they make about their health.

Talita is partnered with various health professionals, clinics and alternative health centres and practitioners and she is also RICTAT trained and fully insured. She passionately talks and blogs on the topics of digestive health, preventative care, health promotion through education and understanding allergies & intolerances as the barriers to optimal wellbeing.


Client reviews

Daniel Amofa
10. August, 2021.
I went for my first appointment with Talita and I have to just say how great she was. Talita has such a vibe and a calming/caring personality and she really is informative as well as a great conversationalist. I was made to feel welcomed, at ease and that I was dealing with a pro.
Lucy Goldman
7. July, 2021.
Talita helped me with my tummy/IBS as I was so nervous since the Covid lockdown eased. I suffer really badly with anxiety and IBS. Talita made me feel completely relaxed and we laughed a lot and she shared a lot of valuable knowledge. I have since recommended two of my work colleagues for colonics and my mum to have her ears irrigated. We are all so pleased we have found her and know we have found somewhere safe to go when we need her services.
steve coombes
28. March, 2021.
Amazing service!!! I can really recommend this treatment. Talita is very professional and is extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely be returning. Thank you so much Talita!
Peter Gray
11. March, 2021.
Very happy made me feel relaxed and comfortable will definitely be back for a 2nd clean
Michelle Bowers
8. November, 2020.
Having been to see Talita a few years ago in her old studio , I knew she would be able to help me. I’ve struggled with constipation most of my adult life. Going through menopause is a challenge in itself. Weight gain , constipation, constantly feeling tired are a few ailments I struggle with on a daily basis. Talita is very welcoming, such a kind , caring and considerate lady. She’s very informative and talks you through the whole procedure. Her new studio is really nice and set out for a one to one with all social distancing due to Covid rules. I will definitely be using her services on a regular 6 months basis. Thank you Talita I will see you early 2021xx
Sam Bryan
21. October, 2020.
Just had my first treatment with Talita who was so knowledgeable and helpful. The clinic was sparkling clean, I felt completely covid safe and very welcome, all of which was important to me as a 'first timer'! Talita's energy is infectious and I feel better in mind,body and spirit. Highly recommend.
Tracey Dell
21. October, 2020.
I've had three colonics with Talita having had one treatment elsewhere. The difference in care and quality of treatment was very good. The clinic was spotless (unlike the dusty room I was in before), the loo was v clean and the equipment was very modern. Everything used was disposable. Talita was happy to take time to explain everything I needed to know. I have to travel some way for treatments but happy to do so. Highly recommended. 16th October 2020 - just had another colonic at the new premises - lovely - and feeling good again!!
Lisa Holsgrove
16. October, 2020.
Talita is kind, caring and just amazing in what she does. She makes you feel so comfortable. A true genius, would highly recommend 😀
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Colonic Irrigation

Exploring the Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

In the pursuit of optimal health, individuals are increasingly turning to alternative therapies to detoxify and rejuvenate their bodies. One such practice gaining popularity is

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