Where to start if you need to follow an anti candida diet – Candida can be fun

I came across the book ‘Candida can be fun‘ in my search for helping my clients understand that they can still live an exciting and interesting life with varied food choices while trying to fight back the symptoms and discomfort of Candida.

Quoting Rebecca directly from her website:

Katherine Dempsey with kinesiology kit

Let’s begin with all these weird symptoms that you have been experiencing. It may be that nothing seems to show up on any tests that your Doctor has run on you, leaving them baffled and you frustrated. You’ve probably convinced yourself and your GP that you are going crazy, but that doesn’t stop the pain and discomfort and it doesn’t go away. Candida is still not a well-known illness, yet so many suffer from it … most of the time without realising that the strange symptoms experienced are caused by this seemingly harmless little yeast. Newsflash: We’ve all got Candida. Don’t panic! It is just us unlucky ones, whose Candida has run riot in their bodies, who need to sit up and listen. There is a whole host of information on the internet (a lot of it conflicting) that you can research, so I am not going to go into too much detail here. For a start, I am not qualified to do so. However, I am lucky enough to know someone who is. My Nutritionist, Katherine Dempsey, who has helped me back to good health over the last few years, has written the chapter on ‘Supplement Advice and Holistic Therapy Treatments for Candida Sufferers’. My role is to help you on your road to recovery and to make sure that you are well fed with the right foods. We are all individuals and, as our symptoms differ, so will the treatment. As a fellow “Yeasty”, we are in this together.

The book can be purchased directly from her website