What Is Your Gut Telling You?

If you’ve never listened to your gut, you may be pleased to know that you’re not alone. In fact a recent Love Your Gut survey has shown that the majority of the nation (81%) are clueless about the health signs their gut is giving them. Almost three quarters (74%) even admit they rarely get concerned about the health of their digestive system.



But the digestive system is unique in the sense that it communicates signs – healthy and warning signs, using all of the five senses to provide health indicators. So by listening, tasting, seeing, smelling and feeling more, you can really tune in to your gut.

  • Sound: Rumbles in your stomach are likely to be stomach contractions sloshing digestive juices into the intestines. That, combined with intestinal movements, make gurgling noises.
  • Sight: Faeces can differ in colour, but black and tarry stools can indicate bleeding in the small intestine or stomach while pale stools accompanied by dark urine could indicate gall stones or a pancreatic disorder.
  • Feel: Crampy, abdominal pains could be a sign of excess but also could be an indicator of IBS, Crohn’s Disease or a partial intestinal obstruction.
  • Taste: Sufferers of acid reflux may experience a metallic taste caused by regurgitated stomach acid.
  • Smell: Contrary to popular belief, men don’t produce smellier wind! The smell of an individual’s wind is related to the food they’ve eaten recently and the composition of your bacterial flora.

With special mention to the source: http://www.loveyourgut.com