What is a colonic?

Thanks to wisegeek for explaining this so brilliantly.  All credits to wisegeek

Colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, also known as a colonic, is an alternative medicine practice which involves flushing the colon with warm filtered water. The colonic removes a buildup of waste which supporters of the practice believe is harmful for digestive and general health. Practitioners and frequent patients claim that regular colonics keep them healthier, and that they are less prone to digestive problems. Most doctors trained in conventional medicine do not recommend the use of colonics for any medical condition (Talita’s notes – always ask if you think you might have a condition that might put you at risk, your therapist should point out all contraindications for this treatment), although enemas to cleanse the lower colon may be appropriate in certain situations. Studies have not suggested that a colonic would be harmful to a healthy individual, unless it was administered in unclean conditions (Talita’s notes – please feel free to come and have a look for yourself as to the high standards we serve by).

According to practitioners of alternative medicine (that’s me), fecal matter builds up in the colon and interferes with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. It is believed that this causes the digestive system to become inefficient, leading to an assortment of health problems. Receiving a colonic is supposed to address this problem by removing buildup along the length of the colon.