UK laxative facts

laxative factsConsider that 500 to 600 million pounds are spent annually on laxatives in the UK. Laxatives are the method of colon cleansing that is most popularly used today. They are considered to be an irritant and stimulant to the body. They simply draw water from the body and produce a thin, watery substance that clears only the most recently digested waste from the colon, leaving behind bad eating habits and accumulated toxins and mucus in the stomach, small intestines and colon. They certainly don’t promote bowel health.

Every year 126,000 British are diagnosed as having colorectal cancer. Of this population, 44% will die as a result of the disease. At least two million Britons  suffer from colitis, ileitis, or diverticulitis, and 100,000 Britons have a colostomy fitted each year. Periodic cleansing of the colon could prevent stagnation and minimise the exposure to potential cancer-causing agents to the colon wall.

According to research, Colon Cancer is now the #2 cause of cancer-induced deaths in the UK. Many therapists, myself included, believe that sickness and health begin in the colon. A healthy Colon is fundamental to overall well-being. The digestive system is designed to process and absorb nutrients and dispose of the non-nutrition residue. When the colon works properly, the body’s systems tend to work properly. A diet of over-refined foods, additives, sugar and alcohol are just some of the substances that may result in an accumulation of faecal matter and may clog the colon.

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