The cost of a therapist – integrity and quality of service

With special mention of the GPACT online support group for colon hydrotherapists world wide


“Had an interesting call today from a lady who started her conversation with “I am sick.” After trying to understand what was going on with her, I surmised that she was not going to be able to give me specific information on the phone, so I advised her that I would book her and we would have some conversation about her medical issues before her session. She asked how much and I told her, then she said she was on a tight budget and not intending to spend that much and she would call someone else. I said fine. I had already spent some time trying to get information from her. Based on my experience it would have taken a good 45 minutes to get enough of a medical history from her to decide if it was safe for her to have CHT. People just do not realize that this therapy is not just something you can walk in an have with few questions asked. Also, in my experience, she was not likely to become a regular client unless I deeply discounted, which is not a good thing for a sick person because they always take more time. So, opted to let her go and find a cheap therapist. She will get what she pays for!

Don’t know if all therapist have experienced this, but I surely know that I make sure each and every client is treated with dignity, gets my undivided attention and that I know and exceed their expectation, which is always worth every penny as I AM PROFESSIONAL and love what I do!

Colon Hydrotherapy First consultation
Inc. pre-screen & CHI massage &Online support and wellness planning
£95 90 minutes
Subsequent treatments
(including CHI massage)
£80 75 minutes
per treatment
3 course treatment
(booked and paid in advance)
£220 50-75 minutes
per treatment