Guaranteed Weight Loss




At last – what we have been waiting for

A guaranteed no quibble weight or inch loss guaranteed product or your money back. In just 9 days if you have not lost any weight or reduced your inches we will refund your money. Are you thinking it’s too good to be true? So did I but I decided that wasn’t a valid reason not to try it as I get my money back if it did’t work…. but it did and I lost 8 pounds and 4 1/2 inches off my waist in 9 days! Plus significant cellulite reduction and inch loss of arms, hips and thighs. Just ask Rochelle who came into our clinic and lost 13 pounds using the box, and then lost another pound having a colonic. The colonics are optional! Do I need to have colonic irrigation? No! Although we firmly believe that having colonics improves the opportunity for weight loss during the plan it’s not obligatory! If you want to add in colonics we offer a package deal of 2 colonics for £140, taken immediately before and after the 9 days.

what it is? It’s weight loss in a box.

For the first 2 days you drink lots of Aloe drinking gel (yep the taste is a bit challenging but just drink some water afterwards and think about the weight you are losing!) and you also have nutritionally balanced shakes and supplements to help you feel full and not hungry. For the next 7 days you continue with the shakes, gel and supplements plus you also get to eat! You are also required to do moderate exercise each day, 20 mins each day is all you need to do – a brisk walk, swim, cycle or run are recommended depending on your fitness level. After 9 days you come in for your second weigh in and measure and if you haven’t lost any weight or inches we will, then and there, refund your money. (Please read the small print below for full terms and conditions which makes it fair for us too.)

How much will I lose?

It all depends on you and how well you follow the plan, but the least weight loss so far in this clinic has been 6 pounds from one of our smaller clients who also had a significant cellulite reduction and inch loss, to other clients who have lost just over a stone and more cellulite and inch loss. So far the best inch loss has been 5 inches from the tummy plus more from the arms and thighs.

What does it cost?

It’s £118. You will need to provide your own milk, water and food. We provide the box which contains everything else you need – it even includes a measuring tape so you can chart your own progress over the 9 days.

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I want to do it – how do I start? Firstly make sure, as everyone should that starts a weight loss programme, that you are fit and healthy to start. Please check with your GP if you are unsure.
Then book in on 07515-429008 for your free consultation to get measured and weighed, and for us to go through the pack in detail so you are ready to start losing inches! We are very busy so we work by appointment only – please ring to reserve your time. We do offer evening and weekend consultations at no extra charge.
9 Days all boxed up = £115 + We offer a package deal of 2 colonics for £140 – so £255 for the 9 days and TWO COLONICS, taken immediately before and after the 9 days (optional)

What are the downsides?

It is an intense weight loss plan that is nutritionally balanced and designed by nutritionists to give you a safe but quick result. For the first 2 days you are cleansing your system (hence the cellulite reduction many people experience) and you may experience some tiredness as you cleanse. You are supplied with a supplement to combat any tiredness if you do experience this, but many don’t. When I did the weight loss pack I felt slightly tired at the end of the second day but by the third day I felt amazing and the energy really kicked in. So far everyone who has done this has commented on their disproportionate increase in energy. We think it just goes to show how much better you can can feel when it’s cleaner!

What are the upsides?

Well – this could also be a downside but you might need to go shopping to buy some new clothes, I did, or just have fun trying on all those ‘thinner’ clothes you’ve kept in the back of the wardrobe just in case you did lose some weight in the future. Energy increase is common as we mentioned earlier, a lot of people have reported that they no longer have a sweet tooth. Weight loss and inch loss are of course the major upsides. Add to that an improved attitude to your relationship with food if that’s a problem for you, food education from the information given to you when you start the 9 days and a postive and healthy attitude towards food and portion control as a whole. Losing some weight quickly is also great for self confidence once it starts to make you feel and look different, especially when people start commenting.

Ok – I’m in!
   Ring us on 07515-429008 to make your appointment and we’ll weigh and measure you, give you your pack and guarantee (please read the small print below) and off you go. Lets see less of you in 9 days!
The small print!
  • We are offering a weight loss or inch loss guarantee over a 9 day period or we will give you the cost of your 9 day pack back (Current pack price £115). If, when measured and weighed at the end of the 9 days, you have not lost any weight or there has not been any reduction in your body measurements a refund of the pack price of £118 will be made immediately subject to you meeting the criteria below.
  • To qualify for the refund you must provide your original receipt from us, the original box the product came in, plus all the contents – including any empty bottles or tubs – and any unused product. Failure to return these makes the guarantee invalid so please keep everything just until your second weigh in.
  • You must follow the plan as accurately as you can, if it specifies take 2 tablets on an empty stomach you must take 2 tablets on an empty stomach. We offer the money back guarantee in good faith that you will follow the programme and achieve the weight and inch loss the programme is designed to do.
  • You must finish the course to qualify for the guarantee, for example stopping after 3 days would invalidate the guarantee as you have not finished the course.
  • You must be measured and weighed immediately by us (no more than 2 days) before starting the course and immediately afterwards (no longer than 2 days after finishing the course) to satisfy us in our minds that you haven’t then gone out and started a cream cake diet! We recommend you book your second weighing and measuring appointment when attending your first appointment to ensure you get an appointment to suit you.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the foods you eat during the plan are appropriate and represent a fair reflection of the types of food recommended. You will be provided with a booklet that gives you help and guidance as to the plan, what to do and some foods calorie values. Again – this is a leap of faith on our part that you will be honest with us – but if you want to lose weight why wouldn’t you do as it says on the tin?
  • Any reduction of weight or measurement over the 9 day period will constitute that the plan has worked and therefore no refund will be given.No minimum weight loss or inch loss is guaranteed but so far no one following the plan has failed to lose weight or inches and everyone who has followed the plan has been delighted with the results.  But lets face it folks – if you follow the plan honestly we would expect you to lose the weight and inches and not be asking for the refund!
  • If a refund is required we will refund you your money (£118) at the second appointment to the same card you used when paying for the pack.
  • We promise to refund any money to you with a smile on our faces and no quibbles whatsoever. Please do bring your pack and receipt back with you to meet the criteria. basically – be fair with us and we will be fair with you!