Product  Description Price
Optibac – for daily wellbeing OptiBac Probiotics For daily wellbeing is a unique and balanced formulation of 6 different probiotic strains combined with prebiotics (i.e. food for the probiotics to flourish) to provide daily maintenance for our digestive health and immune systems. £10.20 more info
Optibac – for a flat stomach OptiBac Probiotics For a flat stomach is an advanced formulation of unique probiotic strains and prebiotics that helps maintain a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines throughout the month to support digestive health, aid transit and promote a comfortably flat stomach. £8.69 more info
Optibac – for those on antibiotics This OptiBac Probiotics formula For those on antibiotics is an advanced formulation specifically developed for patients taking antibiotics to top up the intestines with friendly bacteria helping to support digestive health and immunity. £5.65 more info
Optibac – for bowel calm OptiBac Probiotics extra strength S. boulardii For bowel calm is specific probiotic strain to help naturally support bowel health, comfort and function during episodes of diarrhoea. £6.95 more info
Optibac – for travelling abroad OptiBac Probiotics formula For travelling abroad may be taken prior to, during and after travel abroad to support digestive health and natural immunity. £10.20 Text
Optibac – for maintaining regularity OptiBac Probiotics‘For maintaining regularity’ is a natural probiotic & prebiotic supplement specifically designed to help you maintain bowel routine & regularity. £9.99 Text
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