Allergy Testing

What we offer What does the allergy test cover?
  • painless and non-invasive testing procedure.
  • tests suitable for all ages – from 6 months
  • 5 different Test Formats to suit your requirements.
  • convenient testing by post
  • delivery options by paper/post or email
  • fast return 5-7 working days (plus posting time)
  • Foods & Food Additives
  • Animal fur, Feathers
  • House Dust Mites
  • Tree, Grass & Flower Pollen
  • Moulds & Yeasts
  • Environmental & Household Chemicals
  • Cosmetics & Toiletry
  • Vitamin / Mineral insufficiency

What does the results show and how will I be tested?

You will receive a personalised ‘Allergy Report’ including a colour-coded table and information pages. Explaining the Allergy report, allergens and reactions. The Allergy Analysis is established through a biofeedback method called Radiesthesia – analyzing a hair-sample, which contains the individual energetic ‘imprint’ or ‘signature’ of a person. The accuracy of the Allergy & Intolerance Test is in our experience as high as 85% – 99.9%. The result of the test/analysis is given as an emailed report. Postal Service also available.

Basic Food Complex 350 Complete 700
  • Perfect for children or basic testing
  • Prices for groups/families available – please ask!
  • £97
  • 250 Items are tested
  • Test format can be upgraded
  • £157
  • Testing for over 700 items
  • Included is a full vitamin and mineral analysis
  • Recommended health/treatment plan
  • Hormonal Screening
  • Gut Biomes
  • Metal Toxicity
  • £177

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Terms & Conditions:

We aim to have all results available for clients within 10-14 days, however in peak periods or over bank holidays it can take up to 25 days, however if you need the results urgently we can process it under 5 days at an additional cost.