RICTAT Code of Ethics

I am proud to say I am Registered to practice as a Colon Hydrotherapist through RICTAT as these are the ethics of our practice


As integrative colon hydrotherapists we believe that colonic irrigation is most effective when used in conjunction with client education in the field of nutrition, stress management, physical exercise and bodywork.

We accept that everyone is unique and we respect everyone’s personal beliefs of what constitutes health and illness. We help each patient or client achieve health as they see it. We do our best to empower our clients and patients to take control over their digestive health and remove barriers to healing by providing high quality colon therapy treatments and nutritional and stress management advice, as well as referring to other professionals in the field of integrative medicine.

We believe that daily healthy and varied diet, exercise and self-awareness should always be the first line of intervention to achieve long-term improvements, and we implement this belief in our treatment protocols and aftercare recommendations.

We respect our colleagues working with different colon therapy devices and in different styles.

We agree that no single manufacturer, device or therapist will be able to meet the needs of all different patients and clients, and that diversity of professionals in the field of colon hydrotherapy enables us all to respond much better to the unique needs of each patient or client.

We constantly upgrade our qualifications by attending seminars and courses in our chosen field. We recognize the necessity of maintaining a professional relationship with health care practitioners in other fields and of keeping pace with the latest developments in health care.

We understand that hygiene and patient care are of utmost priority and we put client and patient safety first.


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Talita Wigg