Not only is spring in the air, but there’s a spring in my step – THANK YOU!

Sometimes people come into your life (or into the clinic) and you just know the time is right and that this will be a lifelong partnership & friendship.  I am so happy to have received this testimonial from a client today… I was a bit emotional… this is what makes it all worth while… have a read for yourself

If you are feeling full, lethargic and in need of ‘something’ I can recommend a trip to see Talita at the Kent Detox centre.

In spring 2012, I finally decided to banish all my fears and have my first colonic. It has been something I had been wanting to try for years for a number of reasons. I suffer with my skin, I suffer with episodes of bloating , constipation and have mild intolerances to certain foods. My main reason for wanting the treatment is due to my father having bowel cancer- thankfully survived it, but still after years of research the causes and the reasons why certain people are sent this horrid life changing disease is unknown. I believed that if I was cleaned from the inside, then months, years, decades of nastiness, which in years to come may/ may not manifest itself into something more sinister may have the opportunity to be washed away and expelled from my body.

The first visit to the centre was so relaxing, reassuring and I could not have asked for a more sensitive treatment. Talita gets so excited about Poo…….or ‘Liquid gold’ as she lovingly calls it. She explains everything that is happening and why, and what impact that will have on my body. After my first treatment, I was unsure what I was expecting to happen to my body but almost overnight I felt ‘different’. Cleaner on the inside and instantly my skin, which I have struggled with for all of my adult life made an improvement, so I felt and visibly looked cleaner on the outside too.

Returning to see Talita at the clinic is like visiting an old friend, we talk about stuff and nothing, friends, families, holidays, all the while that my body is being cleansed. It is the only place on earth that you can feel comfortable wearing only a blue gown, while in that position, wearing odd socks!

For my latest treatment, I requested the Himalayan Coffee Colonic. If I being honest I did not really understand what difference this could make to my treatment which I was already very happy with but after Christmas and periods of reoccurring viruses, I was ready to try anything once.

WOW! What an amazing treatment. To begin with, the treatment was as normal, with my body taking a little while to respond and release. The coffee was added and instantly I could feel a difference in the cleaning being carried out internally. It was amazing, without question I am sure I had a double cleanse during that session.  The effect after on my body also was incredibly noticeable.

The body is an amazing machine, with so many systems being carried out to ensure the machine does not give up. My colonics are a service of my machine to help my bowel remain healthy, and then in turn this has such a positive effect on the rest of my functioning. If a car engine is not functioning properly, you take it to a garage for a full service- pipes cleaned, filters changed. Visiting The Kent Detox Centre is my garage, for my engine, and I rate the gold service for a normal colonic, and the coffee as a platinum service!

Thank you Talita………