Lots of women suffer from IBS, bloating and stomach cramps

It’s a combination of bad foods. If you think about the natural diet of our ancestors, they ate maybe one or two components at a time. Animals only tend to eat one thing at a time. Now we have access to a meal with different courses and 10 different options, which leads to digestive distress. Everyone needs to look down at their plate and make sure there are only two or three key components. Simplifying meals is crucial because it will help with digestion.

Top Tip: Don’t have a lot of liquids while you’re eating. Chugging water won’t make you eat less during meals; it will just create a “stagnant pond” of water and acid in your stomach. All the digestive enzymes and acid are diluted which leads to bloating.

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Winner of the KWIB Award

Winner of the KWIB Award

Talita Wigg has also recently scooped up the prestigious title of Business Woman of the year 2013 for the category HEALTH & BEAUTY at the KWIB Awards event.

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