Kent Detox – January News letter

My wishes for you…

That’s if I have not had the chance to see you this year so far…

I can’t believe we are in the third week of January and I have not even had the chance in sending out a happy new year email yet.  I hope 2013 is filled with wonderful things for you and your family.
December was a challenging month, food wise and on a personal level.  All of the Wiggs love good food so we made the most of it.  That only meant that one more thing on the list of things we want to achieve is battle the bulge and regain our svelte summer figures we crave.  Deep down we all know that we are celebrities trapped in a slightly larger packaging.
The personal challenges included having all of our children and mum visiting from South Africa.  We always want to think that we make most of our times together but often at the end of a visit wish that we did more.  Them leaving is always such an anti-climax and bring us back to every day life.

So here we are, back in the clinic and again I have been making a list.

What will 2013 hold for me personally and for my business?

Personally I have five things I will achieve (the more challenging ones I have written down for myself)
1.   I will make more time for the people I love
2.   I will appreciate the small things
3.   I will read more with my children
4.   I will cook with my children (do you see a cooking programme/blog in my future involving them?) They love learning about healthy food and I would be so grateful if they don’t make the same mistakes I have
5.   Get more active – I’d like to compete in at least 3 physical challenges.  Kelly is still trying to convince me the moonwalk is one of them… If you need a buddy for an event or want to convince me to do something for charity then I am your girl… I do like a challenge
For my business:
1.       I’d love to see my existing clients more regularly.  I have been wondering for some time now which other therapies to add to what WE offer, so that’s why we are recruiting 1/2 more therapists to join our team.  If you have a background in either beauty, health or wellbeing or holistics and think this might be for you (or someone you know) then please get in touch –
2.      I’d love to share more case studies – so if you have a specific condition and would like to be involved in getting involved then let me know.  We have 5 amazing children’s case studies last year and this year a few big topics will including female health, hormonal problems, thyroid issues and skin problems.  Click here to participate. – put your health condition(s) + participate in the comments box.
3.      I’d love to have more interaction within the NHS and currently thinking of ways to introduce colonics and will be filming educational videos with live colonics – so watch this space.

I am so happy with some of the feedback I have had over the last few weeks since I have introduced the Elite Colonics and Colonic Implant.  Just read what they say:

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