Kent Detox – Festive Newsletter

22 Sleeps till Santa

Everything is starting to feel really festive, not only did I put my tree up in the clinic, but I have also decked the halls with holly at home.  Christmas is a very special time for me as my mum comes to visit from South Africa, so I get to eat all my favourite holiday treats and my stepdaughter is also coming home from Australia.  So we will have all our babies with us.
December is also a time for me to reflect.  So much has happened in the last 18 months.  I have grown so much as a therapist, not only because I have done some courses, but also because I have had the privilege to work with some amazing people.

Before I start the new year with resolutions I would like to end this year with gratitude and I have made my top 10 list of things I am grateful for.  I am pleased to share it with you:
1.  My husband and children – for continuously believing in me and allowing me to follow my dreams
2.  My mum & dad – for making me who I am and for teaching my right from wrong.
3.  My family and friends – for putting up with my crazy ideas, especially Sue for picking up the pieces and always being on standby.
4.  Kelly & Suk – the two people that support my highs and lows, wipe my tears and tell me to grow balls.
5.  Zally – for the magnitude of patience and lunchtime gossips.
6.  ALL OF MY CLIENTS – for allowing me to help you – Without you Kent Detox won’t exist.
7.  My buddy clinic – Milton Keynes Colonics & the fab Tracey Dell – for always listening.
8.  Altrui – for the tick-box I can put with helping another family.
9.  Tesco – for doubling up my clubcard points so I can buy Christmas presents.
10.  MY AMAZING LITTLE BROTHER – who always fixes things when I break it and always helps and tells me how much he loves me.

Introducing VIP membership

VIP members only: I have created a VIP member only area on my website.  This link will not be available to the public or new clients.
In order to remain on the 2012 price plan please register today (All  my prices have been revised as all my suppliers have had price increases).  You will see that all new clients will now have to pay my revised prices.
The VIP membership will also give you additional benefits like:

  • 2013 Price Freeze
  • Special Promotional Items
  • Free Gifts
  • Printable vouchers
  • Exclusive Partnership Promotions
  • First to try new products / services at reduced prices

December Offers

Colonic Implants: I will include this free in your treatment if you are willing to share a quick testimonial (Colonic charged at the normal VIP price for VIP members)
Detox Footspa at home: Two more nights are available (4 minimum, 7 maximum) for detox footspa at home – Dates for December – Wednesday 12th & Wednesday 19th

Elite Colonics & Implants

All new so add it to your January treatment for an ultimate detoxexperience: I have been mentioning this to some of you and ‘YES’ it is finally here.  I completed my practical work oncolonic implants, so I can finish off your treatment with either a coffee enema, a probiotic implant or wheatgrass implant (I’ll soon have some video testimonials on this on my website).  I have performed quite a few of these in the clinic already and the results are amazing.  It is truly an elite/ultimate experience and encourages detoxification.  Make sure to let me know if you want to add this to your January appointment as all the ingredients are freshly prepared and I need to allow for extra time at the end of the treatment.  There is an additional charge for this service.
Read more about wheatgrass here 

January Appointments

Don’t wait until the 2nd of January: I learned from last year: EVERYBODY wants to Detox in January.  This is good news for me, but bad news for you if you do not book in early for your new year’s treatment.  In order to allow to see everybody at the times that suit you I have decided to be open 2 evenings a week, all of the Saturdays and two of the Sundays in January.  Please act fast as there’s limited availability already.  Some of you have been clever enough to book your January appointment early.

Fill your face

Combine your appointment with a consultation with Kelly: If you have any questions about aesthetics then please feel free to mention that when you come and see me.  Kelly is an award winning aesthetic nurse and will gladly make suggestions and consult with you on your specific needs.
You can also contact her via my website or or on 07793 737859.