In her own words – How colonics helped with IBS

IBSI have suffered from IBS from over 13 years. I started suffering after my dad died suddenly at the age of 14 and my stomach became the central point of where all of my pain and suffering was focused. In the early days, I would spend most afternoons with a huge swollen stomach, agonising cramps, stomach convulsions and often being sick. After seeing numerous doctors, going in and out of hospital I was told I had IBS and from then on was pretty much told to work it out for myself. I’ve tried all sorts of varied diets and nutrients to help ease the suffering. When medically the doctors couldn’t really offer any solutions- I was willing to try anything! At one stage, I visited a nutritional therapist who identified foods I was intolerant to and recommended an anti-candida diet followed by a colonic. I did the diet and felt incredible but put off having the colonic.

I started suffering again as for me, I love food, I work in the city and it’s part of my lifestyle to have a few wines with the girls. It’s not realistic for me to completely cut alcohol or particular foods from my diet. Around 2 years ago, when feeling particularly down, I happened to read the local newspaper with an article about Talita, her practice and how she had helped people with similar problems to me. I gave her a call and she made me feel really comfortable about the process despite feeling rather nervous. She would put anyone at ease- she’s incredibly caring about what she does, genuinely wants to help and has become a good friend I look forward to seeing. Having the colonics has really eased my IBS at times when I’m feeling particularly rough and ill or have particularly over indulged.

I’ve had 4 colonics over the last 2 years and at my last session Talita recommended a probiotic, which other clients had said helped ease their IBS. I’ve always found the colonic process quite draining despite the rewards and after the session she inserted a very thin tube to insert the probiotic into my gut. 5 minutes after inserting the probiotic, I literally felt an incredible sensation of feeling on air, incredibly relaxed and really the best I have felt in a long long time! After the drive home- luckily my bf was driving or I would have fallen asleep! I slept for over 4 hours in the day which I never do. It was the best sleep I’ve had in years. I felt like I was floating on air, my skin was tingling and I had no aches or pains anywhere. This feeling and sensation of relaxation lasted for about a week. I felt like my stomach was protected and that I didn’t need to worry about getting ill anytime soon despite the over indulgent festive season! I can’t wait to feel like that again in Jan.