How can colonic hydrotherapy help you?

Colonic hydrotherapy boasts an extensive list of benefits.  It will help..

  • to relieve constipation
  • to ease bloating
  • to detoxify the liver
  • people to lose weight
  • women with frequent yeast + urinary tract infections eliminate their symptoms
  • to improve your energy level!
  • to improve peristalsis, encouraging more regular bowel movements
  • to reduce food cravings
  • alleviate mood swings + depression
  • improve acid reflux conditions
  • give you a glowing complexion, as it hydrates your skin + removes toxins from your body

Overall, you will feel lighter and brighter!  You will look better, slimmer, with radiant skin…especially when combined with a balanced, healthy-eating pattern.

What does a colonic hydrotherapy treatment consist of?

20130518-170842.jpgColonic hydrotherapy (also known as colonic irrigation) consists of slowly introducing warm filtered water into the colon under low pressure, via a small tube. When the colon is filled, the water is allowed to flow out through a larger tube, bringing with it any poo, wind and toxic waste that have been loosened. This process is carried out a number of times during the treatment, which can lasts up between 35 & 55 minutes. The result is a gentle flushing of the colon, and a loosening of old compacted poo. By boosting the detox process through colonics, you allow your body to cleanse itself from the inside out and improve the body’s ability to heal and look after itself.

Why cleanse your body?

Body cleansing is both a short-term and a long-term process. In the short term, you periodically implement a healthy detox programme to help flush toxins that have accumulated in the body. Long term, you can make changes in your daily habits and lifestyle. This can occur gradually over time. You can choose to change 2 or 4 habits a year, for example increase your filtered water intake, eliminate coffee, do deep breathing exercises in the morning, eat more vegetables and fresh fruit or take more exercise.