Colonics Hydrotherapy & Weightloss

I often get asked, will I lose weight after a colonic?


Most of my clients report of weightloss between 3lbs and 14lbs, but there are so many things that play a part in the amount loss.

  • How active are you? The more active you are you the more you will burn, the faster your transit time will be too.
  • How hydrated/dehydrated are you?  Those that are extremely dehydrated and/constipated might carry around a bulk amount of waste product, therefor the results might be bigger
  • Weight loss are often reported more than a day or to after the treatment – due to the re-education process that has taken place.  The colonic muscles would have had a bit of a work out and will regain the muscle memory of the treatment and will continue to eliminate more effectively after a colonic.
  • Waste product can remain in your body for a long period of time
  • Inch loss if often more prominent after a colonic due to the amount of wind that would have eased – one of the main reasons people consider this treatment – BLOATEDNESS