Colonic Feedback – In her own words

With permission of my client I am sharing this testimonial today.  This just makes me realise again that colonics aren’t just about getting rid of poo but I was chosen to do this to also help and nurture relationships for life.  I am so pleased to have met the amazing people I work with and this is from a very special lady.  She also topped her colonic up with a probiotic implant – read more here so you can see what she was referring too.

Hi Talita, thanks for yesterday.

I feel great today, all bright eyed and bushy tailed (not literally). The probiotic stayed still as we hoped it would and today everything is working as it should. 
You always say I am an easy customer for you, but I think its you that makes it so easy for me. We chat and put the world to rights, we talk about our families and I tell you things I wouldn’t tell anyone else, B E C A U S E you are such a lovely, lovely caring person and I feel privileged to call you my friend. 
As for my treatment, I’ve been having this done for several years now and can honestly say I prefer coming to you and will stay with you as long as you’ll have me, even though I have an hours journey to and fro. Its so worth it. – PM

If you have any of your own questions about colonics and not sure if the answers are on my website then request a callback now and I hope to do the same for you.

Love – Talita