Cleaning even deeper than just a colonic

I have explained to many clients over the years that a colonic is only the start of your deep cleaning journey.

Your body is a bit like a car. We service and MOT it annually, we have it insured and also when anything indicates that something is wrong we immediately get ot checked.

Do we so the same for our bodies?

A colonic is only the start. Yes, it will make you feel better as you will be ridiculously hydrated, without all the excess waste that can accumulate to over 10lbs of faecal waste. But your colon is only your dumping organ… the poor organ that collects all the waste.

Higher up in your digestive system you can still carry inflammation, bacterial overgrowth, toxins, metals, and suffer with deficiencies and nutritional needs.

That’s why I say “a colonic is a good start”

When you come and see me I promise to do my best in giving you that kick-start. I love to explain every step of the treatment and will cover aftercare.

Aftercare is the important part. Nothing will stop you from leaving the clinic and just going back to eating and drinking and overloading your system.

Most of us can easily put together a 5 point action plan in terms of “what can I do for a cleaner/healthier me”

My list will include:

1. Stay hydrated

2. Avoid processed food

3. Limit alcohol to weekend/celebrations

4. Exercise more

5. Have a good sleeping routine

I’m sure between us we can think of ten/twenty more to list.

Following colonic treatments I often get asked what can I do for a deeper clean and that’s where the Clean 9 steps in.

I’ll share some links to more info on the 9 day programme

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Please don’t hesitate in contacting me if this is something you’ve considered or heard about or just want to learn more about.