Choose the therapist who meets your needs

How to choose your therapist

Excerpted with permission from “Always Look After Number Two! Discover the Secrets of Colonic Irrigation, Perfect Bowel Movements and Digestive Health” by Galina Imrie. Click here for more information on the book  Questioning-for-Understanding

  • Choose the therapist who walks her or his talk (Remember, you don’t go to the doctor whose houseplants have died.)
  • Make sure the therapist has been trained by a reputable college – also ask about this.  I find that my training was what gave me the theory and practical experience, but my core values, integrity, honesty and safety makes me the therapist I want to be.
  • Make sure the therapist uses disposables during the treatment: the speculum, the water line and the waste line. Your kit may also include disposable gowns, underpanties and underpads – at Kent Detox we only use disposables and will gladly show you how these work and look.  For our technical clients it makes a lot of sense to understand the functional set up of the treatment and we even have mirrors up in our room so you can observe and see how the treatment is performed
  • Make sure the therapist has insurance – we keep this electronically and will gladly forward a copy.
  • Make sure the therapist does not lock you into a long course of colon hydrotherapy sessions before you’ve even been for your first treatment – we do what is right and safe for each client.  Our testimonials are our greatest treasure – please read for yourself


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Winner of the KWIB Award


Winner of the KWIB Award

Talita Wigg has also recently scooped up the prestigious title of Business Woman of the year 2013 for the category HEALTH & BEAUTY at the KWIB Awards event.

Kent Detox only associates with Kent’s Finest in therapists and referral network so be sure to ask for recommendations on other treatments or to be signposted for other therapies. Our network of trusted sources will only include an elite group of practitioners that we believe work from the heart with your best interest at heart. Our network undergoes a strict screening process and will be fully qualified, experienced, insured and work ethically, safe and always adhere to industry standards, regulation and legislation.

Please ask for evidence of any of the above as all of our therapist have their documentation at hand.