Day 2 of 9 on my detox – share my journey

The start of great things – Our online Weight Management Support Group

I am pleased to have decided that a great way not only for me to support you, but also a great way for the you all to meet each other is by starting up a CLOSED Facebook group only available for those that are taking part in the weight loss challenge or weight management programmes we offer.

If you are already on the programme, thinking about starting the programme (and want to see how others are getting on) please request to join the group or get in touch either by email or 07515 429008


You can find the Facebook Group here

Day 1 of 9 on my detox – share my journey

To find out more about the 9 day detox we offer please read more here

You can contact Talita directly on 07515 429008

Good Bowel Health booklet

Simple Steps to Good Bowel Health

  With special mention of Bowel Cancer UK

This booklet contains simple steps you can take to help achieve good bowel health. This is important to everyone, as these small changes will help your digestive system to work well, and help reduce your risk of bowel cancer. This advice is intended for people who do not currently suffer from any bowel conditions. Before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle and/or diet you should always speak to your doctor.

download here


Bowel Cancer Symptoms

With special mention of  Bowel Cancer Research


One of the difficulties with bowel cancer is that often there are no symptoms until quite late. However, if you have bleeding from the bottom or a change in bowel habits for several weeks it is always wise to visit your GP. Other symptoms can be severe abdominal pain or a lump in the abdomen and acute tiredness or weight loss. All of these symptoms can be signs of other less severe conditions, for example, bleeding from the bottom might indicate haemorrhoids, but it’s vital to get checked out or  Test yourself at home as if it’s found early there is a good chance of a cure.

Product of the week – Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll makes water into a great tasting drink that you can enjoy throughout the day. Not just a great tasting ‘minty drink’, Liquid Chlorophyll helps to refresh, rehydrate and leave the breath minty fresh,making it a valued companion to any whole body nutritional cleanse programme.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that harnesses the sun’s energy in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll performs metabolic functions in plants such as respiration and growth. The mulberry and the alfalfa plant, from which Nature’s Sunshine’s chlorophyll comes, are excellent sources of chlorophyll.

Preservative Free Liquid Chlorophyll has a paraben-free formula that uses all-natural vegetable source glycerine. Glycerine is not a true preservative, but a stabilising component that acts to inhibit the growth of microbes.

Chlorophyll is non-toxic and safe for use by people of all ages.

Mix one teaspoon (5ml) of Liquid Chlorophyll with a glass of water.

Take 1 teaspoon in water twice daily


Testimonial from ‘The Centre’

A BIG thank you to Talita Wigg of Kent Detox for her informative and light hearted talk on Colonic Hydrotherapy last night. It took the myths and embarrassment out of the equation and really made people think about what they are doing to their body and how it can effect their whole ‘self’. The numbers may have been small but the right people who needed to hear what you had to say were there and you have helped those that really needed it. Thank you again Talita.

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