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What did you say about man made food


Health Tip of the day – Addictive foods

Addictive foods cause cravings, and sometimes gas, bloating and discomfort. Observe which foods you might be addicted to, and substitute other foods or distract yourself to avoid them. It usually takes 3-5 days to completely flush addictive foods from the body to relieve cravings, making weight control significantly easier.


Health Tip of the day – Work with you body

The body is a miraculous organism, performing millions of functions non-stop using available materials, and making substitutions as necessary. The body is designed to win, and to survive. Under duress, it will shift resources from less vital functions to vital ones to sustain life. Work with the body when ill to maximize it’s efficiency rather than fighting it, and trust that all symptoms serve a purpose that can reveal the nature of imbalance in the body.


Health Tip of the day – What is trans fat?

Hydrogenated fats (trans fats) are unhealthy because they have been chemically restructured to prevent breakdown and spoilage. While this process is good for the food industry and the shelf life of foods, the body can’t break trans fats down either. The result is excess unnatural fats floating in the bloodstream clogging arteries and damaging blood vessel linings. Eliminate trans fats for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Health Tip of the day – Alcohol and supplementing

Alcohol metabolism requires and often depletes both B Vitamins and magnesium. After alcohol consumption, in addition to drinking water to rehydrate, additional B Vitamins and magnesium may help restore balance more quickly. Consider having B Vitamins and magnesium supplements available after a bender.


Wheatgrass benefits

1. Detoxification. One of the top wheatgrass benefits is the detoxification that this plant provides in the body. Toxins are efficiently removed, and the liver is cleaned so that this organ can work more effectively.

2. Thyroid Function. There are few wheatgrass side effects, but the benefits of this plant are astonishing. Thyroid gland stimulation is just one of the ways that this plant promotes good health and ideal fitness.

3. High blood pressure can be treated with a daily dose of wheatgrass or the use of the juice or extract from this plant.

4. Weight loss is another one of the popular wheatgrass benefits. Wheatgrass stimulates the metabolism causing it to increase, and this means more fat and calories are burned with less effort.

5. Restoring the proper pH in the body is one of the wheatgrass juice benefits. There are numerous alkaline minerals in this plant, and this reduces acidity in the body that can lead to poor health and medical problems.

6. Cancer Treatment. The use of this herb in cancer treatment is popular, and even some of the top medical centers in the world recommend the use of this plant to help treat cancer of all types.

7. Digestion. The wheatgrass benefits include all of the enzymes provided by this plant. It is important that the herb is not cooked though, because this can destroy beneficial enzymes and lower the effectiveness of the plant.

8. Oxygen Supply. There are many delicious wheatgrass recipes available, and this plant can easily be cultivated inside the home. Growing wheatgrass in the home will also provide extra oxygen.

9. Nutritional Benefits. One of the top wheatgrass benefits is the nutritional and health support offered by the plant. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and other compounds contained in the plant promote excellent health and good physical function.

10. Anti-aging Benefits. Wheatgrass powder can help prevent aging effects on the skin and keep skin looking younger and healthier.

Health Tip of the day – Start with protein

Eat a high protein breakfast within one hour of waking to jumpstart your metabolism for the day. Skipping breakfast signals the body that food is scarce, which causes the metabolism to drop into conservation mode, and increases likelihood of increased hunger at the next meal.


Health Tip of the day – Sleep vs Hunger

Most people need 8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate and balance hormones – especially the hunger control hormones. Plan to sleep 7-8 hours nightly to help control binge eating and weight gain.


Health Tip of the day – Understanding oils/fats

Butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil are all stable fats that are not damaged by the heating process. Many other oils/fats change chemically when heated, resulting in free radical damage to blood vessels when consumed. Even healthy olive oil is best served cold to avoid degradation when heated. Choose butter, coconut oil, or avocado oil when cooking to minimize risk of cardiovascular damage (free radical damage) from heat-damaged oils.


Health Tip of the day – Manage stress

Balance work, home, and play.
Get support from family and friends.
Stay positive.
Take time to relax.
Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Make sure kids get more, based on their age.
Get help or counseling if needed.


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