9 Days Changed my life

www.kentdetox.co.ukOur Client History:

Susan (aged 41) came to our clinic complaining of the following symptoms:

  • Struggling to loose weight
  • Dark Circles around her eyes
  • Bloatedness
  • Cellulite
  • Sugar Craving

It was clear that she was ready to make some changes and found us after doing a lot of research and decided we are the right clinic for her after reading all the testimonials and reviews on Facebook.

Our treatment plan included starting the 9 day cleanse with a colonic.  Susan was very apprehensive but we managed to put her at ease after answering all her questions.  This was the kickstart she needed and wanted to continue with the full 9 day follow on programme

I can’t believe that in only 9 days I feel human again.  I lost 7.2lbs and 3.5 inches off my waistline.  Everybody wants to know my secret!

At Kent Detox, we believe that to build a healthy future always starts from the inside out.

To see if you are suitable to complete the programme please follow the short questionnaire: